MAY 5 -7, 2023





Welcome to Ignite Retreats! This year's theme is "Hard to Believe: The Story of Jonah." We are excited to announce that our retreat will be held from May 5th to 7th at Salem Acres Bible Camp. At Ignite Retreats, we believe that youth need a chance to connect with each other, grow in their faith and recharge their spiritual batteries. Our retreat is designed to provide a fun and engaging environment that is perfect for doing just that! With powerful worship, inspiring messages, and exciting outdoor games, you're guaranteed to have a great time.

We are also thrilled to welcome a special guest worship team from Living Stones Church in Red Deer, Alberta. Their energetic and passionate music will surely enhance your retreat experience and bring you closer to God.

Don't miss this opportunity to spend time with other young people who share your faith. With all the activities and events planned, you're sure to make new friends, deepen existing relationships, and come away with a stronger connection to God.

So, sign up now and join us for a life-changing experience at Ignite Retreats! We can't wait to see you there.

This years theme!

Have you ever run away from something really scary? Whether it was a spider, a house you thought was haunted, or just a really dark basement, it's normal to run away from things that scare us. But sometimes we find ourselves running from things that could help us grow (even if they are a little scary). In this series, we'll learn about the story of a man named Jonah, who ran away from something God asked him to do and learned an important lesson in the process. Through his story, we'll discover that you can't outrun God's love, and because God loves us so much, even when we mess up, God gives us more chances.



SPEAKER | Pastor at Fellowship Baptist Church



This years IGNITE RETREAT will be held at:

Overlooking the Red Deer River, Salem Acres is a summer camp and year-round retreat center, a short drive from Calgary, AB. We provide exciting camps for kids, leadership opportunities for teens, and relaxing retreats.

Many Hiking Trails during Free Time

Archery is included

Dorm buildings for sleeping.... no tents!


Register for the weekend today!

Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grow in your faith, connect with other young believers, and have fun! Register now for Ignite Retreats and be a part of an unforgettable experience!

What to expect at Ignite Retreats?
  • Powerful worship
  • Inspiring messages
  • Exciting outdoor games
  • Guest worship team from Living Stones Church in Red Deer, Alberta
  • A fun and engaging environment
  • A chance to get to know others and grow in the faith
What are the sleeping arrangements?

We will be arranged as a 'camp style' sleeping arrangements, we will do our best arrange it amongst everyone. Yes this is a retreat, but with camp style sleeping arrangements!

Can just a parent send their kid? or does it have to be a youth group?

ABSOLUTELY! This is not just for churches to send their youth groups, this is for parents to send their youth on their own! The goal for this retreat is for youth to grow in relationships with each other and new friends!

What does the registration include?

Registration includes all of the food and snacks, dorms for sleeping, games as well as a FREE Ignite Retreat T-Shirt!

Why attend Ignite Retreats?
  • Connect with other young people who share your faith
  • Grow in your faith through powerful worship and inspiring messages
  • Recharge your spiritual batteries
  • Have fun with outdoor games and other activities
  • Make new friends and deepen existing relationships
  • Come away with a stronger connection to God

Is there Financial Sponsorship if a family needs help?

We understand that finances can be a determining factor for youth to attend. With that in mind, we don't have a "Full Sponsorship" when it comes to the cost, but we are able to help provide a discount for some situations. If you are in need of some support, please contact us and we will see what we can do!

Im a Youth Leader from one of the churches going, can I help?

We would love the help! We can give you our volunteer form that is required as well as we would need a police check done. We have a discounted rate for leaders! We can chat more about that, so please send us a message at

Can I sponsor a youth?

ABSOLUTELY! If you would like to sponsor a youth to attend Ignite Retreats 2023, please send me a message at and I would love to talk to you more about it! We don't want anyone to miss out on such a great opportunity, so we would love to have your help!

We have more than 3 youth in our immediately family, is there a discount?

UMMM... Yup! If you have 3 or more youth in your immediate family, we are able to offer a discount of $60 off each registration for the 3rd+ youth. Message us for more details!

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